Ved Elevator

Ved Elevators - Best Passenger Elevators service provider in Nashik

To carry on our targeted community with our domestic customers and suppliers, to become a leader company in our sector by persistent growing with new services in such a manner that customer satisfaction is continuously followed up, and to make this goal permanent.

Always being one step ahead, going beyond the stand arts and expectations, being a model and leading in the sector.

Obtaining complete customers satisfaction by improving our products and services continuously in accordance with customer expectations.

To be the best brand of elevator existing in India by continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

Ved Elevators - Best Passenger Elevators service provider in Nashik


We maintain all makes and models of elevators.


Boost your elevator’s reliability, eco-efficiency, comfort, and appearance with our modernization solutions.


Smart, flexible solutions for access and destination control, as well as communication and equipment monitoring.

Core Values


We believe in keeping things simple. Because we aim to be a good collaborative partner and supplier it should be easy to understand our information, order and install our products and use our lifts.


We believe that high quality results in satisfied customers and collaborative partners. For us, quality means products that last and function reliably year in, year out.


We believe innovation results in improvements and thus leads to long-term success. For us innovation is a culture and a mentality that is never afraid to test new ideas and see things from a new perspective all in order to make our products better, simpler and more efficient.